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    Preloading an external image/sound file

      Hey, I have been messing around with it and trying different things but failed. I have a movie that on frame 2 has a preloader bar only, and all I want is for it to preload an external image called image1.gif (shows up on frame 3) and sound1.mp3 . The sound file however only loads when I click the play button on frame 10. How would I preload these 2 things but not play the sound file until frame 10?

      Please help, I have searched many places but I am not near advanced enough to "expirement in mixing," it always fails.
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          I'm guessing that the sound file is loaded at frame 10. You can load in a sound file at any time using the Sound.loadSound method. Once loaded, the sound file will sit in the cache, ready for use. Create a sound object, load the sound, then, if you like, you can use the Sound.onLoad event to tell you that the sound has completely loaded. Once you have the sound loaded, you can play it whenever you like. Look at the online help example for Sound.loadSound for more information.