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    ASDoc Exclude

      I am currently working on the API for an SDK we are sending out to collaborators. There are a bunch of methods and properties that we use internally within our application that don't need to be exposed to external developers.

      While I am able to completely cancel documentation for methods and functions using @private, I have not been successful in using the [Exclude(name="someName", kind="method")] metadata tag. I have tried putting the tag both inside and outside the class, and tried using () beside the method name and sometimes not. I have had success with the [Deprecated] metadata tag removing the appropriate functions and displaying the warning and with the [ExcludeClass] tag.

      I'm not sure what detail I might be missing. Any thoughts?
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          You use @private to cancel documentation for an element of a class. Use [Exclude] to hide an inherited item. I can't tell from your post if you are trying to use [Exclude] to hide an element in a class?

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            fggosselin Level 1
            Thanks for your response.

            I am documenting a class that inherits many methods I want to hide from the API (but which must remain public or protected). When the method is overridden in the class, I use the @private. For the inherited methods or properties I haven't had any luck with [Exclude(name="methodOfParent()", kind="method")]. They still show up in the API... do I need to put them in a specific location? Does the exclude tag go in the child or in the parent where it is defined?

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              smgilson Level 1
              Put the [Exclude] tag outside the class definition of the child class.