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    Is there any way to automatically update links in mobile / tablet versions of a site which point to other pages in the same site?


      I have made a desktop version of a site containing close to a thousand links between pages (it is a website for an artist, so each image in each of the many, many galleries, has a right and a left arrow to navigate to the next or previous page).


      On the desktop version, the hyperlinks all point to [Desktop] and I thought that when copying elements over to the tablet or phone versions, it would automatically point the links to the [Phone] or [Tablet] versions of the pages, but that is not the case: each link still points toward the Desktop pages.


      Will tablet and mobile devices automatically redirect themselves to the correct versions of pages, is there a simple way to change all links in one go if I need to do so, or do I literally have to edit each link one by one? At least if I could access the html code I could find and replace '[Desktop]' with '[Phone]' to speed the process up!


      The site was built on a template which does not work with breakpoints as it was designed with multiple versions in mind - scroll effects disappear if I add breakpoints, for instance,  so switching to a version with breakpoints instead of alternate versions is not an option here. Besides which I think my life would be in danger if I suggest to my partner that she has to start working on breakpoints all over again!!!


      I've searched high and low for an answer to this question - the only instance I can find is an unanswered question in the forums from 2015 titled 'Hyperlinks not automatically adjusted for mobile'.


      Any advice on how to swiftly get this working (or some reassurance that mobiles and tablets will ignore the '[Desktop]' part of the hyperlink and will just automatically load their versions of each page without wasting time loading the wrong one!) would be hugely appreciated!