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    System based 'Fill' shortcut broken or removed since update?


      So since the update a major system shortcut has been removed / disabled or changed


      A major element to my workflow is the system based Fill shortcuts '


      Ctrl + Del = Fill selection / object with background colour

      Alt + Del = Fill selection / object with foreground colour


      For some reason since the October update 'Alt + Del' has been disabled / removed and does not work but 'Ctrl + Del' still does work, I am currently using a work around by using the 'Shift + X' to switch the pallet but this is rather cumbersome and really breaks my workflow


      Am I missing a simple solution and or is Adobe aware of this bug and will be patching it?





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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Lots of people have reported this.  Alt Backspace 'usually' still works, but you have to do it twice with the new release.  Totally unacceptable.  There's a quickly growing thread on the feedback site, so you should go add your name and note your displeasure over there.  That's were the Development Team members (like Jeff Tranberry) hang out, and will actually see it.  They are unlikely to see this thread.


          The Photoshop steals focus on launch issue took an entire year to fix.  We need to keep banging away at them to try and make sure that does not happen again....  but don't hold your breath.


          Mean while I am going to make an action that does the double Alt Backspace, and trigger it with one of the gaming keys on my G-910