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    Insufficient disk space for migration?


      Hi All,


      I would like to make the switch to Lightroom Cc, When trying to migrate my current catalog from Lightroom Classic I get told I need 165GB of free disk space.

      But I have 180GB available (of 512 GB MBP 2015).


      Furthermore I really don't understand this 165 GB requirement - I want Lightroom CC to use my current Pictures folder as local storage as I have been doing for years, and just take over the edits and metadata from Lightroom Classic. Why all the fuss with copying?

      I don't want to change anything - I just want to use CC in stead of classic and backup the pictures to the cloud!


      Greetings from stormy Netherlands,



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lr CC needs to copy all of your originals up to the cloud. Lr Classic only sends compressed smart previews.

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            erikb33551349 Level 1

            I understand that, but why does it then first need to copy them to my HD again on which the originals are already installed in the first place?

            And the fact that Lightroom says it needs 160GB and thus can't complete the operation while I have 180GB of free disk space is also very confusing.



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              The space is used by adding to the Catalog files.  

              I suspect this is due to it being a non-destructive editting system so it needs to copy smart preview data to the catalog file and keep it separate to the original files. 

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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                This is temporary storage. Lr Cc does not use a catalog and unless files are actively being worked e.g. edited after import, or adding metadata then the cache is automatically purged. This ensures proxies are available for the most efficient usage of disc space on computers and mobile devices. If you prefer not to use the default storage location on internal SSD or spinning drive you can change this in Lr CC preferences before migration – see image below. But if you nominate an external drive, this will need to be connected when using Lr CC.


                There will be some initial data writing to the Lr Classic catalog during migration to ensure catalog integrity and to ensure the actual file exists on your computer and matches what is uploaded to the cloud.



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                  erikb33551349 Level 1

                  Hi Jon,


                  Thank you for the time to respond to my issue.

                  I still don't really get why it was designed like this - if I understand you correctly.


                  I will for sure enable local storage of ALL originals, and as such the storage space taken by my pictures will double?

                  1. the original RAW and JPG files currently in my Pictures folder (about 190GB incl. Lightroom Classic Catalog)


                  2. the originals stored by Lightroom Cc in its separate cache? (estimated 165GB by Lightroom Cc)


                  Why can't Lightroom CC be 'fed' from the originals that are currently already in my Pictures folder? Why all the fuss with copying the same pictures to the same hard disk just to upload them?

                  And will I still be able to search through my Lightroom CC pictures in the future using the search function of MacOS?


                  All in all I find the process of transition to the new Lightroom very confusing, which is disappointing because I really like the smoothness and interface of the new Lightroom.

                  And besides all that, migrating is still impossible anyway due to Lightroom not recognizing I have enough disk space available. (bug?)


                  Very frustrating.



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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Erik if you want a traditional folder based system where you can use Spotlight or Finder to search for files, you will probably be better sticking with Lr Classic. You can create collections and sync smart previews to the cloud (not originals) which would then be available on iPad, mobile phones and also in the new Lr CC if installed say on a separate laptop. Smart previews are compressed so 20GB would cover a lot. If you launch Lr Classic and hover over your name plate (top-left in Library) you can click the small triangle icon that appears to see current storage.

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