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    Expanding of menu site.

    leom75663467 Level 1

      Hey there.

      I got one question. Why is the Menu of my master page expanding (although I set it to 100% width) when I preview it in the browser?

      Thanks so much for your help.




      Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-20 um 14.06.57.png

      Dropbox - Test.muse

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Appears stretched to browser width on my side. No issue. Perfect.

          I thought at first about this double arrow:

          Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-20 um 15.54.14.png


          But no, everything seems to be fine. Except a tiny little space here:

          Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-20 um 16.00.05.png

          But this is only a layout accuracy, nothing about your question.


          Best regards,


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            leom75663467 Level 1

            Hm, so do u have any idea why its not working with my browser? There seems to be a problem with the two compositions on the right. Because when I take them out it works perfectly.

            But i couldn't find any problem with them...


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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              I don’t understand your question.

              1. There is no „menu“ on your desktop site. There are 3 compositions widgets, each one containing text frames (fixed width) which are linked to different pages. Thus, a menu is simulated. None of these compositions is set to responsive, none of these compositions is set to „resize to browser width“. By the way: A composition target can’t be set to expand to browser width.
              2. The only element, which is set to scale browser-wide is the rectangle behind the compositions – and is does so just as expected (Tested in Safari and Chrome) . The situation, you are showing in your screenshot doesn’t appear here, if I preview your master page in browser.
              3. If I preview your „impressum" page in browser, I can see – nothing, because the master page isn’t assigned to this layout page. If I assign it, you „menu construction“ isn’t placed at the right edge of the browser window, because (in contrary to the master page) your „impressum“ page isn set to spread browser wide: You have to click onto the small double arrow icon top left/right of the breakpoint bar to achieve this – just as you did on your master.

              One more question: Why do you use this composition menu structure? Why not use a simple horizontal menu widget. It can be configured with no problem to look exactly as your construction.

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                fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                Tested it on Safari, Chrome, Firefox. No problem.

                Maybe uncheck (

                Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-20 um 16.18.03.png

                Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-20 um 16.18.08.png

                Uncheck: Widget Inhalte bei Bearbeitung anzeigen AND/OR check this: Zunächst alles ausblenden



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                  leom75663467 Level 1

                  Problem solved. Thanks so much for your help!


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                    Pavel Homeriki Level 5

                    My tests showed that this is another funny bug. Removing compositions in a specific order solves the problem. Bugs in the Muse arise when the user starts working in Muse, as in Photoshop, without thinking about what kind of code will be on the output. That does not really need 3 compositions. Only one with three triggers is enough.