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    Lightroom Classic CC & SDK changes that affect LrDevelopController?

    Avizzv92 Level 1

      I've been having problems with my plugin while having it installed in Lightroom Classic CC (7.0). These problems seem to only present themselves with this latest version of Lightroom.


      I can no longer set or get the Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, and Clarity development settings via LrDevelopController. All of the other development settings still work (like tint, vibranc, temp, etc...). I can also apply presets, that affect those settings, without any problems.


      Has something changed in the SDK, with this version of Lightroom, that would have altered LrDevelopController in some way?


      Is there somewhere I can find a list of changes relating to the SDK & Lightroom 7.0?


      When I go to the SDK download page (Adobe I/O Console ) the download link says Lightroom Classic CC 2018 SDK. It says that it was updated 11 days ago. But, when I actually download the zip file and unzip its contents, everything still says Lightroom 6.0, including the manual and API Reference. Is this correct?




      Here is a specific example...


      If the Constrast in Lightroom is set to 30 (or any number)...


      getValue('Contrast') will always return 0


      If the Vibrance in Lightroom is set to 25 (or any number)...


      getValue('Vibrance') will return 25 or whatever the correct value is.


      This is true for all the "broken" development settings I listed previously. Both setting/getting...