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    Recovering from aborted migration

    GuitarManDave Level 1

      I started a migration of my Lightroom classic V6 catalog. It ran for a long while, eventually reaching the "adding photos and videos" stage.


      At some point in this process I got an error saying it couldn't access one of my original images. Sure enough - the USB drive had gotten bumped and was offline. I reconnected it and clicked "retry". It seemed to chew on that for a while and then the dialog showing the migration status disappeared.


      The status dialog says it is syncing photos and the "Adobe Lightroom CC Helper" process is consuming a lot of CPU although I don't see a lot of network traffic.


      If I try to start a new migration it says a pending migration is already present and only one migration is allowed at a time.


      a) Is my migration still running or did it fail? If it is still running how can I monitor its status?

      b) If it failed, is there a way to restart/recover?