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    Football Kits & Lego and general legal/restricted images



      I've just started with contributing to Adobe Stock.  I'm still getting my head around some of the legalities, although I've found the Known Image restrictions page really helpful.  I have tried searching on topics like football, but couldn't find the answer so thought I'd put all my queries together in one place.


      A few quick queries:

      1. If I photograph someone in a football (soccer) kit, what is permitted on a stock photo?  Do the club logo and sponsorship both need removing?  Even if they are, are the recognisable kits colours allowed (eg, red & white stripe).  I'm referring to photographing children with model releases in kits - not professional footballers. I guess this query would also apply to other sports kits.


      2. I noticed that the FIFA World Cup marks are restricted.  If someone (not a professional sports-person & with a model release) is photographed at an event like this, but not with any recognisable trademarks in the image, would the image be permitted, and could the sports event title be referenced in the description?


      3. In a photo - for example at a world cup match, or in a town centre - if people in the background have their faces blurred out, would this be adequate, or would they still be considered recognisable because of the location (therefore requiring releases).  Especially if they are very distant.


      4. I realise that car manufacturer & model names must be removed (and there can't be any VW beetles or modern sports cars), but if there are any cars in a landscape shot, does the car registration need to be removed too?


      5. Finally, I saw that lego/duplo can be restricted - although it mentioned that blocks with no visible marks are permitted.  Does this mean that if I create something with lego, perhaps some wording, (not an actual assembled kit, or using Lego-unique pieces such as characters) that it would be permitted?  And presumably I couldn't then use Lego in the key words / description?


      Thanks so much for your time.