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    Robohelp 2017 update 2 - now it's broken

    JGaf Level 1



      I'm a current user of RH 11.  I've downloaded the 2017 version as a trial to test new features, and have been using it without issue for 14 days.


      I was testing the Indigo layout and had some issue with the Index entries not aligning properly. I researched the problem and saw that Update 2 fixes this same issue.  I updated my trial version.


      Now, I'm having issues with ALL my tested layouts (Indigo, Azure Blue, Charcoal).  Nothing displays in the content pane when I click a TOC entry!  It's blank.  The TOC, Index and Filters work as expected.  I've tried to create a new layout (with new name) and it's the same issue. 


      And when I select a screen layout (any of the three above) to just preview - I get an error:



      This happens with any layout. 


      I have 14 days left of a trial I can't use. Has anyone had this problem?