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    Acrobat DC crashes on Windows 10

    manuel.brambilla-sab Level 1

      Hi to everybody,

      We have a problem with Acrobat DC and a desktop equipped with Windows 10.

      We have 16 Acrobat DC licenses, but this is the only one installed on Windows 10, and it's the only one which gave us these kind of problems:

      - until yesterday, every 3 or 4 hours, there was a "Network error", and there wasn't possibility to Save the open file neither to a network folder and to a local path folder, with the result to lose every change on the file

      - yesterday evening, I've reinstalled the Acrobat DC app, and today there's been two new kind of errors: before something about data flow not found, and then "Not enough data for an imagine".


      I don't know which could be the reason behind this issue, I've no problem on all the other 15 Acrobat DC installation.

      Any suggestion?

      Thanks in advance,