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    Migration requires 50GB on main drive when using external drive




      I've been going through a lot of burning hoops to migrate my old LR5 catalog to CC.


      Here's an outline of what I've done so far:


      * Used to have LR5 catalog on a NAS drive

      * CC refused to migrate said catalog because it was too old

      * Installed Classic trial version and tried to upgrade catalog

      * Classic refused to migrate since catalog was on a network drive

      * Copied catalog to a USB drive (of course there were corrupt files which threw off Finder)

      * Finally started CC, stated migration

      * CC refused to migrate because there were too little disk space available

      * After realizing I won't be able to free up enough space (have 128GB Macbook Pro) I see it's possible to change location in CC to a custom location. Set this to a new folder on the same USB drive as before


      So, the problem now is that CC starts migrating and then fails saying "Not enough space on main volume" - but I asked it to use an external disk?!


      Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?