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    BUG in Character panel in Photoshop 2018...can anyone HELP?


      Since upgrading to Photoshop 2018, I'm unable to change the leading of any of my text. This is a HUGE problem that wasn't there in the previous version. This seems to happen more on documents I had saved in the previous version of PS...less on new documents...but it's still a huge problem.


      I should clarify...I AM able to change the leading by using the pulldown menu, however if I want to enter a custom value (which I DO!), it keeps defaulting back to 8.73pt...no matter WHAT I do or what size text I am using.


      Needless to say, this is SUPER AGGRAVATING!! Does anyone else have this problem....or a solution to it?


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!


      BTW...I'm running Photoshop on an iMac 27" with loads of RAM and the latest OS installed...in case that helps.