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    Workaround for 'Save for Web' Feature's Limited Functionality?

    superherobyday Level 1

      I am trying to compress relatively large images (15-30mb) to smaller sizes of >5mb so that they are more manageable (able to be uploaded/downloaded/emailed etc)


      I am using the compression (quality) tool in the Save for Web feature to do this.


      I always received a warning message when opening up the SFW window that says "The image exceeds the size Save for Web was designed for. You may experience out of memory errors and slow performance. Are you sure you want to continue?"


      And indeed, about half the time, on large images only, the tool stops working. I'll select a given quality/compression and the preview will turn all pink, no size will be shown, and it'll be unable to be saved. Though if I go through the whole process of closing the SFW tool, re-opening it, and re-compressing 3-5 times, I can usually get it to work at least once, but this usually takes 5-10 minutes because it is also extremely slow for larger images.


      I guess I don't understand why a feature whose entire purpose is to compress large images is unable to handle large images. It'd be like a personal trainer telling someone they're too fat to benefit from exercise.


      I am running CS6. Is this something that has been improved in newer versions? Does anybody know a good workaround for this?