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    Zooming or Moving layers in CC2018 Causes whole document to center on screen.

    patrick-vici Level 2

      I dont know if this is a new "feature" Adobe decided to add or if its a bug... but its getting very annoying.


      I like to work in full screen mode and will often zoom into areas of the document or have it slightly off-center of my screen just by nature of arranging layers, etc. -- natural things that happen when working on a project.


      Ever since I updated to CC 2018, then simply moving a text layer for instance from one location to another automatically moves the entire document to center on my screen. Trying to zoom into a certain area of the document is very difficult as well as it constantly tries to center it as I'm zooming in.


      This is really frustrating and not conducive to an efficient workflow.


      Anybody experiencing the same? Any ideas on how to fix it?