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    Student and Teacher Storage Upgrade


      Title basically says it all.


      I have a "Student and Teacher" plan ($20/mo) and just want to increase my Lightroom (not Creative Cloud) storage from 100MB to 1TB.


      There is no clear way to add storage to this type of account, it seems -- is this not something that Adobe plans to support, ever, or is it something that just hasn't been worked through at launch?


      Thanks, all..



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          emerrill Level 1



          I'm after the first year, so I pay the $30/year price (I'm on All Apps plan), and for a while it was giving me options to upgrade, but to move up to 1TB, it would shoot the price up to $60/mo, with no options for more than 1TB. I contacted support, and they said this was the correct price, because they 'don't have any promotional offer on the Student & Teacher with 1TB'.


          This is just stupid - I could buy the All Apps for $30, and on a separate account get LR with 1TB for $10, but of course if you use all the apps, it's not really practical to use multiple accounts.


          I'm fine if they don't want to include 1TB in the S&T version, but just give me the $10/TB storage upgrade options that everybody else has! I'm very interested in moving my main library to it at some point, but I would need 2-3 TB.


          I'm hoping this is just an oversight that they will correct soon!

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            Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There's a bunch of these oddities in the cart at the moment, so I don't think they tested all the permutations as well as they should have. Staff are looking into it though, so maybe give them a week or so to get their act together?

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              mrc-bot Level 1

              Right you are!


              Today I finally had time to go back in and see if I could modify my plan.


              Sure enough, it now gives me the option to change plans, and for each plan, I can select a cloud storage option that matches what I'm looking for.


              Whew. All is good now.


              I hope everyone's able to see those options now, should make things a lot easier.


              Thanks everyone!



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                emerrill Level 1

                For me it still is making me give up my All Apps discount. To go to 1TB (From 100MB), it have to go from 29.99/mo to 59.99/mo

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                  nyqos Level 1

                  You can sign up for the Lightroom CC plan with 1TB (one-year) for $9.99/mo and it will give you 1.1TB of Lightroom Cloud space.  Sign up for it on your current account as if you're signing up for a new account through the lightroom page. 

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                    emerrill Level 1

                    Interesting, thanks!


                    I find it odd that I can't "upgrade" my plan, but I can buy a second plan on the same account. I had assumed that I could have 2 plans on the same account.