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    Tone Curve in the new Lightroom CC

    Costin.M Level 1

      Hello friends!

      Can anyone tell me where can I find the Tone Curve in the new Lightroom CC?

      I've searched for it in all the corners of the new Lightroom CC and could't find anything.

      Strange is that there are Presets which use the Tone Curve for creating the Flat effect or Matte effect, but there's no option to do it manually or to adjust that effect.

      If the new Lightroom CC doesn't have this tool, well, I rather prefer the old version of Lightroom. It's true, the new version is more simple, easy to work with it, new and a nice look, but less options for editing? I hope not and if it's so, I really hope Adobe won't remove the Classic version.

      Best regards!