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    Adobe XD First Impressions

    rayek.elfin Level 4

      I download and installed XD. I use Axure for most interactive prototyping. Some I do in InDesign. Photoshop, Gravit, PhotoLine, for assets.


      ...where to start? XD is... incredibly limited. There, I said it. I don't think this is production ready except for simplistic work. The design tools are... limited. I'd expect something similar to Gravit Designer, which provides really nice design tools, and it's comparable in scope as XD - but completely free.


      XD's prototype mode is... again very limited. I am stunned into silence (of the awkward sort). Links. That's it? No variables? No conditions? No text input? No events control? Or creating re-usable interactive elements with complex controls?


      I am aware this is the first version, although in its current state it feels like a prototype of a prototyping application! Even the GUI cannot be customized AT ALL!!! I am used to having the layers on the right of the screen. Not possible. The GUI is completely static - kinda odd for UX prototyping software.


      And that hamburger icon!!! At least provide an option to display a regular menu!!! Why have the XD developers fallen for that hamburger icon? Just that invalidates the entire app.


      And how am I supposed to automate export of assets for various platforms? Even in Gravit each element can be set up in advance for various platforms and sizes, but it seems here I need to select stuff first to export again and again and again? WHAT!?


      I am very confused. I see Adobe touting XD as a GUI/prototyping tool, but this is merely a toy at best.


      Sorry for the rant, but I just can't see many redeeming features, except for the USB preview on a device (which is supported by all the competition as well). Text can't even be justified. XD's design options are MORE limited than plain old CSS!


      I'd even go as far as stating here that InDesign is by FAR a more suitable prototyping app than XD is in its current form. At least InDesign provides proper repurposing tools, and even responsive design tools. Why re-invent the wheel once again? Why not integrate better prototyping and preview tools in InDesign and/or Photoshop? Or perhaps a bridge application that seamlessly allows users to design their prototypes in InDesign / Photoshop / Illustrator, as most are wont to do anyway already?


      XD is the proverbial emperor who's wearing no clothes at all. Well, undies at most.


      Adobe develops some of the best layout and design tools in the business. Why not leverage those, instead of trying to compete by starting a new app while the competition is already LIGHT YEARS ahead and keeps improving at a rapid rate? This is NOT comparable to the QuarkXPress situation.


      I predict another Edge Animate. XD is a bad business idea. What a shame.