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    Collections / Folders

    wild521 Level 1

      In the Classic version when I imported photos they were grouped in folders the same way they were on my PC. I had hundreds of them. As a semi-professional photographer I would like to be able to find specific shoots and now I can't. (I haven't been key wording a lot of them since they already were segregated in folders. Now its just 47,000 in one location. Bummer!! How can I fix this?  I also had several collections where I sorted by aspect ratio, flagged, ext.  What happened to those? 

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          None of that exists in "Lightroom CC". There are no smart collections. Keywords are flat (no hierarchical keywords). If you are a professional with lots of images and an organization around folders, you are likely much better off sticking with "Lightroom Classic". Note that Lightroom CC misses 90% of the features present in Classic. This is a completely new application built from the ground up. It is more akin to a port of the iOS/Android apps to the desktop than it is to the Lightroom we all know and love.


          There is a trick to get your folders into Lightroom CC BTW. The trick is to in Lightroom Classic to first drag all the folders into the Collections area. This will create collections that mirror the folder structure. Then when you import this catalog into Lightroom CC you will get albums  that mimic your old folder structure. Unfortunately this is quite tedious if you have lots of folders.