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    Help !


      My Adobe documents have opened fine forever.  Now when I click on a pdf file, a box comes up that says, Un-authorized user, you do not have access to this file.  I have to restart my laptop and then it will let me open the file until it goes in to sleep mode again.  Then it starts all over.  Is it safe for me to delete Adobe and re-load it again without losing any files?  The reason I ask, is a previous owner of the laptop has some files still on the laptop.  Thx. Kandi

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Be very careful. This isn't a normal message and might mean there is add-on software in Reader giving you access to protected files. If you were to uninstall Reader that might be gone forever.

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            kandih25949878 Level 1

            Should I take it to the computer repair person?  I need this fixed asap.  I need those files to cooperate.  I have deadlines to meet or is their software I can purchase/run to fix this?

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              The computer person will start by reinstalling. They may leave it much more broken.


              Did you "inherit" these files with the computer? If not, where are they from?

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                kandih25949878 Level 1

                Yes but no issues until one week ago.  I appreciate the warnings but how do I "fix it" ?

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                  I think the original owner of the computer may have paid for the files and/or the software to read them. This is very probably designed so you can't mess with it, and trying to mess with it will break it. The only people likely to be able to help are the publishers of these special files, but that doesn't mean that they will help.


                  But it we learn more about the problem we may be able to get somewhere with it. Please post a screen shot that includes the error message and the app that is running, so the message can be read clearly. If you need help with a screen shot, please let us know. And DO NOT TRY TO EMAIL IT, that won't work, you MUST return to the forum to post it.

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                    When I click on a pdf. file, I get this error message.  If I restart my computer, it will let me open the file without restarting it.