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    File previews for RAW images on external NAS drive corrupting in Lightroom Classic but they are OK when viewed on another computer


      Was working on a set of files yesterday when I noticed that the files appeared to be corrupting when opened in the develop module then the preview showed the corruption as well.


      Thought it may have had something to do with recent update that was available so I sent in and updated to the new Classic version.


      Reboot and same issue.


      Parameters are late 2013 Mac running OS Sierra 10.12.6 - 16gb ram - 3.2 Ghz i5


      Thought the next possibility was that it was a hardware issue as I'd had a few glitches with various pieces of software over the last few weeks so I cloned my machine to a spare desktop.


      Same problem.


      Opened three different directories of images and each time I go to edit any of the images within them, they start to corrupt.


      The weird thing is that if I go to the raw file and try to open them in PS CC they also open corrupted. If I open them with preview they show the same corruption.


      The even stranger kicker though is that I can open the same files on the NAS drive from a different computer and they are fine.




      The files aren't actually being corrupted.

      It's not a hardware issue.

      Lightroom is somehow creating a corrupted preview that then, for want of a better description, 'infects the file' but only for use on my desktop.