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    Flex courses taught in colleges in SoCal

      Anyone knows when and where Flex courses will be taught in any accredited colleges or community colleges in So California? Thx.
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          kid electric Level 1
          I don't know the answer to this, but you might be just as well off just self-teaching yourself using some of the resources out there. I used the "Programming Flex 2.0" book by O'Reilly and the "Total Training" DVD, and between the two of those I was able to learn PRACTICALLY everything -- and apply what I learned to actual RIA development -- in 3 or 4 weekend sessions of studying/learning by myself.

          There are, unfortunately, a FEW gaps that weren't covered (like server differences -- running on ColdFusion vs. other types, etc. -- and security... how to set up secure logins, file transfers, etc), so I'm doing web searches and forum posts for that info.

          But otherwise the self-guided books and video tutorials are pretty thorough and easy to use.