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    How do I find the Album(s) a photo is in?

    Rob.Wheatley Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've just migrated from Classic to CC and things are in a bit of a mess organisationally. I want to tidy everything up, but there are a couple of things that would make my life a lot easier.


      1) When looking at a photo, I would like to be able to see what album(s) that picture is in (if any). You used to be able to do this in Lightroom Classic. There was a little icon on the thumb that, when clicked, would tell you what 'collections' the photo was in (if any). What I'm doing is looking in the "By Date" area in the My Photos section to see if photos taken on a particular date have made it into an Album or not, but because there's no icon, or any into in the metadata, I can't work it out.


      2) A really cool way to do this would be if I could filter to show me all photos that are not in an album, but I can't see anything that lets me do this.


      Any pointers?