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    360 spherical panorama, "edit the texture" after recent updates has gone?


      Hi there.


      I'm an illustrator and I draw Spherical Panorama Illustration.

      I stuck with my current project and losing time and money and client.


      Since I've recently updated Photoshop, I cannot find the feature "Edit texture" for 360 panoramas. I can see only "current camera" in the "3D" panel. Buttons "Show all scenes elements", "Show all materials" (which linked to editing panel) and others on the "3D" panel are disabled. I can just paint on the panorama with only 1 layer and export it to jpg. But it is not enough!


      How can I work it out? Rollback to the previous version (but how)? Or Adobe just only hides these functions to the secret place?


      Thank you.


      Update: I've done install the previous version, 2017, and it works perfectly again, but it is not a good way to get out the necessary features in updates, how do you think?