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    Character Animator CC 2018 crashes in several scenarios

    RuneJaco Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a Windows 10 x64 PC (workstation, kind of), that I use mainly for After Effects, Audition, Premiere Pro, and some Photoshop and Illustrator. I was very excited to see Character Animator out of beta for this latest update and installed it to give it a spin.


      I watched some "what's new" and tutorial videos and look forward to creating some masterpieces with this. However, the application is very unstable on my computer. It crashes in the following scenarios that I have ran into so far.


      1. If I try to create a new puppet from the start screen. It seems not to matter which of the templates (blank face, Chloe, ...) I choose. If I choose a Photoshop version, it always crashes. If I choose an Illustrator version, AND Illustrator is already open when I do, Character Animator survives. However, if I save any changes to the puppet and return to Character Animator, it crashes immediately.


      2. If instead of selecting a template I just go to Puppet -> New Empty Puppet, I am taken into the record workspace. I get to name my new puppet, I see the output from my webcam/mic in the Camera & Microphone panel, and I can generally do stuff like set my rest pose. But if I click the Rig workspace at the top center of the UI, the application immediately crashes again.


      Given these to problems, I have not really been able to do a lot with the app yet. I couldn't find anyone else reporting this problem, so it could of course be my system, but it works really great for AE, AU, PPro etc., so I dunno why that would be the case.


      Please let me know if I can provide any further info to help resolve this issue!