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    How do you get more space

    robertbvance Level 1

      I currently have the full cc suite +adobe stock but says I only have 100GB of cloud storage.  How do i get more cloud storage?

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          David_Illig Level 1

          Log into your account at accounts.adobe.com. Under Plans & Products select Manage plan. Under Plan details select Switch plan. Use the right-arrow to scroll through the plans until you see your current plan: Creative Cloud All Apps plan. Select the amount of storage that you want.

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            Komoda Level 1

            I have no option to get more space using this method.

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              David Illig Level 1

              You can help me to help you if you tell me how far you got and what happened or didn't happen.


              For example: "I clicked on 'Plan Details' but I didn't see 'Switch Plan'."

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                Komoda Level 1

                Yesterday morning there was a "switch plans" link.  By that afternoon the only option was to "cancel plan".


                I worked with tech support and they canceled my plan so I could reset it to a new plan.  After signing me up for the incorrect stuff twice, they told me there was no student version for the Annual Full App 1TB plan.  So my plan would have gone up $30/month.  Then they reset me to the first year of a subscription and I now pay $25/month (after tax) for the Annual, Full App, 100 GB plan.  But they say it will be $60/month or about $420 more / year for the extra .9 TB of storage.


                Others are stating that you can mix the student plan and the 1 TB plan but I cannot get it to work.


                Today, I have the "switch plans" link again but when I click on it I am only given options of 20 GB or 100 GB plans.  I have 6 plans to choose from, many with combo boxes to add on things like "Adobe Stock" or to choose which program I want to add to a plan.  There is still no option for the Annual, all apps, 1 TB plan.  This is true for both student and "normal" versions, via the web.


                Thanks for your help.

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                  nyqos Level 1

                  Komoda, The way I did it (with help) was that I added the app-specific $9.99 a month Lightroom with 1TB Plan to my Education Creative Cloud plan's account.  To do so go directly to the Lightroom page and buy the plan there, as if you're signing up for the first time.  This worked perfectly, and after I gave it a few minutes to propagate, my version of lightroom now reflects my available cloud space as 1.10 TB. 

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                    nyqos Level 1

                    Also just to add clarity to my previous statement, there's a difference between space you add for creative cloud and space you add for lightroom, those spaces are not combined.  Therefore, even if you added 1TB of space to your creative cloud account, it might not add space to your lightroom cloud.  The method I mentioned above does work to add that space to your lightroom cloud specifically. 

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                      Komoda Level 1

                      I can confirm that this works!


                      I am not at my PC with all my pics, but I can see on my phone that syncing has started again and I do not have a message stating that I am over my limit.


                      In addition, I am showing two different plans at adobe.com.


                      Thanks a lot for helping me get this to work!