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    Clipping Mask Visibility and Pupil Range

    TDFAP Level 2

      My attempts to use clipping mask are successful, but mask remains visible. When I toggle visibility of layer, pupils disappear as well. Also pupil range is not evenly defined from eye to eye. Again, I feel like I am missing a setting or skipping a step, just not sure which one. I have followed the OkaySamurai tutorial.



      UPDATE: I have realized that the clipping mask is always visible, just that there is artwork layered over top of it. My puppet did not have that artwork, (whites in his eyes) so all I had to do was generate it. Since I added a clipping mask for each pupil instead of both eyes on a single layer, I was also able to use each mask as the range for pupil movement and it is working smoothly now. Nothing five hours of experimentation and epiphany can't fix...



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