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    Share Adobe Stock Collections/Library and Searches with Clients

    zagarskas Level 2


      Clients do not usually want nor have Adobe Accounts, there is no way to easily share a Collection/Library with them. when a collection URL is send by email the client can NOT view it without first creating an account, this is a roadblock to SALES. Also, when a search is performed it creates a very long URL, this "search URL" with all the _GET vars in it is also not easily shareable unless its shortened, another roadblock to sales.


      Requested solution:

      Allow collections to be shared simply by pasting the URL to the collection.

      Add an option to each collection to set it to "public or private". (Similar to how Adobe Kuler can be shared)

      When a search is performed add a button that says "share search" which generates a shortened URL  that is valid for 30 days which will show the user the search performed with filters.



      If there is already a way to do either of these without making users create accounts, without a "brand account", and without using an annoying URL shortener please let me know, perhaps this is a feature that exists that I am not aware of.


      Basically: THIS is what is needed - a SHARE button - On/Off