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    Photoshop CC freezes at startup - every time


      Sorry, I have an old thread about this, but I just got new info and I am not sure the community are going to see the update in the old thread. Therefore, I'm starting a new thread. I hope that is ok!


      My Photoshop freezes at every startup. I haven't been able to open it for months. Here is what I know


      1. I run Windows 10 64 bit

      2. Lightroom classic cc 64 works fine - altså with graphics accelerator on

      3. I guess Photoshop CC is 64 bit

      4. Photoshop cc starts with no problem when I launch Windows 10 in safe mode

      5. I found an old 32 bit version of Photoshop (2015.5). Works fine.


      How to proceed from here?


      Kind regards



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          There are know issues with CC 2018 New features summary | October 2017 release of Photoshop CC

          Known issues


          • Photoshop sometimes stops responding when you're using the Refine Edge brush in the Select & Mask workspace. As a workaround to this issue, disable Preferences > Performance > Advance Settings > Use OpenCL.
          • (Only on MacBooks with a single GPU and running OS X 10.11) While using the Refine Edge brush, you may notice heavy degradation along the edges of the image areas you're retouching. As a workaround to this issue, either upgrade to the latest version of macOS or turn off OpenCL (deselect Preferences > Performance > Advanced Settings > Use OpenCL).
          • Photoshop sometimes stops responding when you choose 3D > Spherical Panorama > Import Panorama to import a panoramic image. As a workaround for this issue, either install the application in the default location in your system or remove any localized character from the installation path.
          • Occasional challenges while using the Curvature Pen tool:
            • Path operations might behave unexpectedly. As a workaround, use the regular Pen tool.
            • Selecting multiple points using the Ctrl+Shift-click keyboard combination may not work at times. As a workaround, Shift-click with the Direct Selection tool to select multiple points or use the regular Pen tool.
          • Usability: The path transform bounding box may be hard to see at times against dark document backgrounds. As a workaround, for shapes, select only the shape layer without the path. The transform bounding box should now be clearly visible.
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            KrsCph Level 1

            Thank you so much for your input.


            However, the issues do not relate til CC 2018. I had the same freezes with CC 2017.

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              I'm using photoshop CC 2018 on an imac, and I am having the same issue. When I try launching from lightroom it freezes, if I then try turning all adobe programs and processes off and try to launch again it still freezes.

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                duffyknox Level 1

                rebooting and trying photoshop without lightroom seems to work fine though.

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                  HothWampa Level 2

                  With CC2017 the only way I could get it to load without crashing every other time was deleting the sniffer.exe from the main PS folder. As soon as I did it never crashed again. Not sure if the sniffer is still in 2018 but 2018 hasn't crashed on  me yet so I haven't needed to look.


                  You could try moving the sniffer.exe over to your desktop to see if it helps you like it did me on 2017 then move it back if if doesn't.

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                    GatunCZ Level 1

                    If you have a multi monitor setup.


                    Fix for me was:


                    2 monitors on video card (DVI)

                    1 monitor integrated / onboard video (DVI)


                    Disconnected the one monitor from integrated video using the control panel

                    leaving the other two monitors from the one video card, Photoshop fired right up no problem.

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                      I have had this issue since updating to CC2018 a few days ago. It's very frustrating and it seems there is no way to contact support. None of the automated trouble selectors has a choice for "Not Working At All." Do they expect us to keep up monthly payment with software that doesn't work and no way to get help??

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                        I've had this problem on several of the Lightroom CC versions. I run this on a PC with Windows 10 and found the solution by accident.

                        On start-up, Lightroom gets so far then stops, usually with a random small white window opened somewhere within the main window. At that point I just press the 'Windows' key on the keyboard twice. The Start menu appears and then disappears and after that, Lightroom proceeds to load as it should.

                        The same thing happens when the Import utility is used, but the same solution works for that too.

                        Hope that works for some of the other frustrated contributors to this question!