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    Preserving Directory Structure




      How do I make sure Lightroom CC follows my directory structure and not the by date sorting it has been attempting so far. I have my own custom directory structure on the now Lightroom Classic.

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom CC does not have a directory structure. Remember that the local storage is only a temporary structure and is not meant to be user friendly but just a way for Lightroom CC to store temporary downloaded files. Your master files reside in the cloud when you use Lightroom CC. You can make it store local copies of everything if you want to but they are still just copies. You can replicate your old directory structure by in Lightroom Classic before migrating dragging all your folders to the collections area and rebuilding your directory structure as a set of collections. This will then carry over to the album structure in Lightroom CC when you migrate.


          If you really want a directory structure on your hard disk a certain way, Lightroom CC is not the right program but you should perhaps just stick with Classic.

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            vnerd Level 1

            Thank you! I will give this a shot.


            Now I need to figure out how to delete all the placeholders that Lightroom CC has created in the cloud.