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    Can't install the Adobe XD because adbxd.helper?


      Hi, all


      I have problem to trying using Adobe XD, I get news that Adobe XD is released... So, I tried to download it in the creative cloud, before in "beta" I also tried to download it but I got error "System Retrictions", and now I get the same problem.. When I open Adobe XD I get warning, "can not open adbxd.helper", what is it?


      please help me to get out of this problem, I have some possibilities from other forums, who discussed the same issue :

      1. Do I need to uninstall the creative cloud and adobe xd then download it adobe xd again? does this affect to other adobe products if I uninstalling a creative cloud?

      2. Do I need update my windows, I have not used the fall creator update


      I need your help, please give me suggestion to solve this problem!

      - Thanks