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    What's up with Animate CC's eraser tool+moving+undo?


      all right so I don't know if I'm just... missing something, or searching poorly, or what, but whenever I move a selection and then undo it, it seems there's a chance of the place I moved the selection to keeping the selection, along with the first part. if they overlap, it gets distorted. Also if I try to undo further, instead of it undoing stroke by stroke, large parts of my drawing disappear. There used to be a leg on the left.


      and if I erase seemingly arbitrary parts of that mess... more or less everything disappears. For some reason.



      Not to mention sometimes in such a state the eraser just... acts like the paintbrush tool.


      It's incredibly annoying and I would love to know how to make this program not do this, so if anyone has any idea as to just... why... it'd be greatly appreciated.