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    No composition

    After Design Level 1



      After having a lot of issues installing the Adobe CC 2018 apps, I'm now having issue with AE. The problem is the composition window is empty. The "new composition" and "new composition from video" buttom stay displaying and if I rescale the composition window, it becomes black and the bottom settings (scale, aperture, colors...) of this window just duplicate verticaly as a glitch. I haven't see something like that before in AE.


      I've already try to reinstall all the apps and GPU drivers completely but the issue is still there.


      When launching AE:

      Capture d’écran (17).png


      Home screen staying black:

      Capture d’écran (20).png


      Resizing the composition window:

      Capture d’écran (19).png


      Opening an old project:

      Capture d’écran (22).png


      Notice that PS doesn't work also, because of gpu issue maybe (impossible to open raw and open images if I activate the graphic processor).


      Specs: i5 6300HQ quad-core @2.3GHz, 8Gb DDR3, GTX 950M 4Gb, 1To HDD (OS + data)


      Please help !