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    Creative Cloud membership - Lightroom CC Storage Quota only 100GB


      I am on the full Creative Cloud membership and have historically used Lightroom Classic CC. This has built up a c.300GB local storage requirement.


      I was migrating across to Lightroom CC which takes all my local files into the cloud however the migration stopped as I didn't have enough cloud storage space. When looking up the Lightroom CC product description is states that it comes with 1TB of storage however my Creative Cloud membership is only giving me 100GB.


      When I click on the little cloud icon in the top right hand corner of Lightroom CC, this is confirmed as 100GB.


      I can not migrate and use the full functionality of Lightroom CC even though I have the full Creative Cloud membership.


      Is this right as even though I am paying for the best possible plan, it only gives me 100GB, I can not see anyway of getting 1TB and therefore I am not able to use Lightroom CC fully?