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    Omitting Features in Flashpaper

    macphoto Level 1


      I'm using Flashpaper print driver on OSX Tiger. I mainly print from InDesign CS2. I'd like to obtain control over the player interface. Meaning, I'd like to omit some of the features like the print button, change the background color, and disable the view in full size window button. I now this is possible because I've seen it done. I simply need the codes or utility to execute it myself.

      An example of what I've seen is on FlashPaperBlogg.com

      I've not received a response from this site, but they've actually created an app called Mainz-Flashpaper that enables these capabilities. Also, there is a program called Print2Flash that also has this capability; only it's strictly PC based.

      Any inside scoop is greatly appreciated!

      B'klyn, NY