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    Acrobat 9 Pro install fail


      This is my first attempt to obtain a solution to my problem with installing Acrobat Pro 9 as part of Adobe Creative Suite 4.

      I have spent several months with Adobe Support representatives through their Chat Support service without success.  They have advised various solutions to the problem and two occasions I have given permission for the support representative to take remote control of my iMac in order to resolve the problem.

      I’m trying to install Adobe Creative Suite 4 on my iMac 27-inch 2007 4.2Ghz i7 40GB RAM running macOS Sierra version 10.12.6


      All applications with the exception of Acrobat 9 Pro have installed and run normally.


      The first application that I opened was Photoshop, which functioned correctly.

      When I opened Acrobat 9 Pro, within a few seconds I was presented with the Software Setup window requesting the serial number but when typing in the correct serial number, it advised me that it was not valid.


      I have tried installing Adobe Creative Suite 4 from my DVDs supplied by Adobe and have also tried installing Adobe Creative Suite 4 from the latest version available on line from the Adobe web site from a link supplied by the Adobe Support Representative.


      After several months, the support staff have given up and referred me to the “Forums” with the promise that a solution to the problem would be forthcoming.


      Case numbers xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx refer.


      [Case numbers removed by moderator. This is a public user forum.]


      The following support staff were involved in attempting to solve the problem on the following dates

      10/04/2017                        Nepuni

      10/04/2017                        Bharati

      10/04/2017                        Kunal

      11/04/2017                        Laishram

      11/04/2017                        Saurabh

      05/08/2017                        Ramiz Raja

      05/08/2017                        Rahul

      07/08/2017                        Shailash Kumar

      07/08/2017                        Abhishek

      07/08/2017                        Vinita

      07/08/2017                        Swati

      19/10/2017                        Kapil

      19/10/2017                        Parija



      Is there anybody who can resolve this problem for me?