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    Projector exe won't quit

      I've created a projector from Mac D10.1 for WinXP SP2 machine. Aside from some odd reason there's a miss-alignment of the contents at the bottom of the projector window, the other issue is that I have to use control-alt-del to end the projector with the task manager... Tried downloading D11 on the XP box only to find the projector publishing is disabled in the trial version.

      Any ideas will be helpful.


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          Do you have any code in there to prevent it from shutting down? Like

          the exitLock=true

          or something similar? If so, then you are specifically telling it not
          to allow the X to shutdown the app.

          This setting can also be set in the Publish Settings dialog, on the
          Projector tab.
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            snellst Level 1
            Thanks Mike,
            Nothing explicitly blocking it from quitting, and nothing telling it not to block. I believe the exit-lock is set to false by default.

            I added a keyPressed handler to watch for the "q" key to call the _player.quit() event. That works fine. I've never had this problem in the past. Could be something with any one of the hundreds of Windows security patches... Usually, using the CNTL-Q or CNTL-. will quit the projector player.
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              Does it happen only on this one particular file? Or does the same thing
              happen if you create a brand new .dir file and publish it? There may be
              something corrupted in the file. I seriously doubt it is a windows
              update that caused this issue. I have all the most recent updates and
              have never seen this problem. Unless the exitlock is turned on of course.

              You can check in authoring mode by entering this in the message window:

              put the exitLock

              See if it is turned on... and if so, then find out where it is and turn
              it off. If it is not on, then it is likely that your dir file has
              become corrupted somehow.
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                snellst Level 1
                Good call trying a new file. Quitting the player worked correctly.

                Thanks for the reply.

                Best Regards,