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    Installing Previous Versions [was: Update]


      Does anyone have an installer for pS 2017?  DO NOT INSTALL 2018!!!!!

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          floramc Adobe Community Professional

          Ok, what's the issue for you? Why are you suggesting this? Why so worried?

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            ginniec51493411 Level 1

            Because actions and workflows do not work correctly which is a big issue when you have a specific edit workflow!  If you use PS to just dodge and size you are good, other than that I wouldn't do it.  Thank goodness I have the old version on my laptop, which will suck for editing but at least it's better than this crap.

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              terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

              Ginnie you should have retained CC2017 when you installed CC2018. We did post information here about doing that, but in your haste to install the new version you must have missed it. Any first release will have bugs in it that is inevitable, but if your workflow depends on a completely stable product, you really must read the notes before installing the new product and that way you'd avoid being inconvenienced.

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                cyberwasp Level 2

                I just checked and all my actions/workflows seem fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Only bug I found was the, "fill with foreground color," Alt+backspace requires hitting backspace twice. A known bug!

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                  cyberwasp Level 2

                  BTW: you can use the creative cloud app to download previous versions. Also the next time you update, use the option to keep previous version.

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                    terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                    that modifier key bug should never have got through the beta testing-it's not as if it's a rarely used shortcut and it will break some actions I suspect, so we can expect some really annoyed people.

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                      davescm Adobe Community Professional


                      If you have the CC desktop app installed - then you have the installer to go back to previous versions. Remember you can have CC2018 installed alongside older versions. Just go to "Apps" click the down arrow next to Open and choose "Other Versions"



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                        ginniec51493411 Level 1

                        I've never had that issue before though so this is frustrating.  I never keep the old versions and all of my actions have transferred and worked each time.  I just reinstalled the old version until they can figure out the bugs.

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                          ginniec51493411 Level 1

                          In process of doing that! Thank you.  I've just never had this issue before.  Each time I replace the update and have had all the actions I use transfer without issue.  The new 2018 3/4 of them don't work.  I don't use them a lot, but of course the skin ones I do use and love don't work at all now. 

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                            cyberwasp Level 2

                            I know it should as I put in a bug report on it. They are to eager lately in updating PS, not enough time to find the bugs.

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                              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Personally I keep a past version or two when the temptation arises to take the shiny new Photoshop for a spin. At least important work is not held up when a feature is removed or a plugin maker did not issue an update.


                              Also Adobe does have beta programs where they test a new release going on months, but when it gets into the "wild" bugs that were not caught because of the tester's hardware configuration or work habits are sure to show up.


                              Then there is the old saying about not using any version ending in .0 for production.