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    flash > linking button to a .html in frame

      is this possible?

      say i have 2 frames,
      frame1 = flash file (.swf)
      frame2 = homepage.html

      and in flash, i make a button that opens up bla.html in frame2?

      if so what is the code to link a flash button to a frame, html page?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          It may be... I was just looking around the web to see and the only thing I could find (another person having a problem with it) was that they apparently had to use a complete path for the URL rather than just naming the html file. Unfortunately, the solution wasn't clearly stated, so I'm guessing... assuming you know how to code a button, you'd use:

          getURL(" http://www.whatever.com/homepage.html", "frame2");

          Let us know if it works. You're the third person I've seen asking this and I don't think any of the others got a solution.
          • 2. flash > linking button to a .html in frame
            reborm Level 1
            thanks for that now i got 1 part working. i can open up the web page but not in the right frame... im working on trying to get the correct frame open cause no matter what i type it always opens up in a new window :(

            but yer, the url you type in is relative to where the flash file is on the site. i can put up with that for my site but if you find out how to make the address 'absolute' it would be helpful for the future :)

            lets see if i can figure out how to get this opening in the correct frame

            edit: i just realized i forgot to type in ' http://'... so if you type that it gets the absolute address :P