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    Photoshop 2018 (OCT 2017 UPDATE) not opening files (psd, png, etc)

    kevinc8908007 Level 1

      I updated to Photoshop 2018 upon release and have not been able to open ANYTHING. I still have cc 2017 and it operates as normal as well.


      I can open photoshop 2018 but I can't open any files. It just doesn't do anything when I click them.


      I've unchecked all of the boxes and done pretty much everything similar to this error that was experienced with previous versions, so I'm feeling at wits end.


      Adobe has been no help in documentation and support on this. I've poured hours and hours into trying to fix this so that I can use a program that I already pay for, but since this is such a new release there seems to be little to no help in fixing it.


      I put new documents open with legacy mode, and was able to start a new document, but upon trying to export or save, it locks everything and I am even unable to select layers or change preferences.


      I've updated my gpu drivers as well.


      Occasionally, I get a coresync error on startup as well.


      I just really feel like I've tried everything. I want to be able to use the thing that I pay for.