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    ADE Performance & Crashes




      Adobe Digital Editions is completely useless for me at this moment and it is terrible in all of its functions. I cannot work more than 15min. due to its really slow performance and because the application keeps on crashing constantly without saving any of my work. It is even extremely slow when trying to move up or down on pages, go figure.


      I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Renaming the library folder, changing the ebook from location, closing everything in my computer and only leaving ADE up, but its its the same problem. The ebook is only 7.2mb in size (511 pages) and i'm completely stressed-freaking out because I purchased my ebook and I cannot keep studying it. instead of learning I just have a tsunami of problems and anxiety with this little obnoxious turtlehead app. My computer runs fine and its not the problem.


      Please if someone knows how to make ADE faster and avoid it from freezing/crashing and seeing that offensive beach balloon every 2min. I would really appreciate it if you share with me the solution.


      Thank you & Regards.


      macOS Sierra 10.12.6

      Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.6