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    Photoshop 2018: Color Lookup, Abstract Profiles (Blacklight, etc.)

    markfug Level 1

      I've discovered that several of the Color Lookups that were in the 2017 version are now gone. Abstract menu: Blacklight Poster, Pastel 8 Hues and more. Why would they remove them? I've gone back and found were the 2017 version was stores these, however the 2018 version is no longer structured the same. These folders are no longer were they once were.


      I've copied the profiles from the 2017, and can use them with 2018 by the option: Load Abstract Profile...


      I would like to put them the Profiles folder that holds the other Abstract Profiles, but...


      I can not find the where Photoshop is holding the Profiles. I've searched in both the application folder and the Library/Application Support folder.


      Where, oh where, can they be?


      Anyone know what would happen when opening a file using one of these missing Lookups? Are they embedded in the file?