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    Library Panel Slow to Open - 2018


      Hi, Everything is great with PS 2018 so far with the exception that the Library Panel is slow to open every time I click on the tab for it in the panel. Once it accesses the library after 5-7 seconds, if I click another tab in the panel and come back to it I need to wait again for the library pallets to appear. I use the Library allot and am pretty quick at what I do with PS so waiting 5-7 seconds many times is a pain for me. Didn't have the problem in previous two versions of PS. The work around I considered is leaving it open in another panel but the other two I use just as much so please someone at Adobe look into this and fix it! By the way, before it reopens there is some sort of grey dialogue box with command buttons that appears briefly and I don't think these are for the end user to see. Does anyone have a solution for this?


      The other issue I reported with Crash Reports I don't need to get into here just to mention that these are the only two issues with the new version. BTW I'm on Windows 10 with 32gb of RAM and no other issues at all with the system.