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    SQLite Database Corrupt

    miked76040984 Level 1

      It's in the known issues list, with "contact support" as the only suggestion. Despite what I'm paying for a subscription, the only two support options available ON THE WEEKEND OF LAUNCH are apparently Twitter and these Forums.


      Does anyone have a suggestion? I literally just spent from day of launch until now uploading files to the cloud, and can presently access NONE of them on my desktop. Spinning wheels for like an hour now.

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi miked,


          I really apologise for all the trouble caused you. You will receive this error when you migrate your Lightroom CC 2015 catalog directly to Lightroom CC.


          You need to first migrate your Lightroom CC 2015 catalog to Lightroom Classic CC and then from Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC.


          If your creative cloud plan does not allow you to install the Classic version, I would suggest you to download the trial of Lightroom Classic CC and migrate the older catalog into it and then use the Lightroom classic CC catalog to migrate in Lightroom CC


          Let us know if that helps.



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            miked76040984 Level 1

            The catalog initially migrated from the older version without difficulty. (And if there was an message telling me I needed to update the library first, I did that.) It then spent four days uploading originals to the cloud before giving me that error message.


            I have subsequently updated Classic and upgraded the library. But I can't do anything in CC right now - all I get other than that error message is a stuck spinning wheel - I even let it run all night, no go. I can't even start a migration.


            Very unhappily yours,


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              Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi miked,


              Lightroom CC uses the SQLite for its databases. We would like to know few more things to find the root cause of this issue.


              -What platform are you using(Win/Mac)

              -When exactly you see this error

              -Please provide the screenshot of this error

              -How much disk space you have left(local disk)

              -In Lightroom CC, go to Preferences > Account and hold down the Alt key (Win) or Opt key (Mac)

              1. You should see a button appear that says “Full Report”. Click that button to generate a zipped file in the Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer.
              2. From that folder, right click on LrDiagnostics.zip and choose Creative Cloud > Share Link…

                      If you don’t see this option, make sure the Adobe Creative Cloud app is running.

                 3.This will open a “Send Link” web page. Click the slider to make it Public.

                 4.Copy the blue URL and share it with us.




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                miked76040984 Level 1



                As a result of the forum thread and my phone call to support, there are now several people who are looking at this. As a result of that, I had already generated and shared a full report diagnostics link with an engineer via email several hours before you asked me to. I'm happy to share it with others, but not knowing what information is contained in the diagnostics report makes me reluctant to share the information on a public platform. Is there another method? (If you have access to the case system, link is also available in Case 0189422318)



                For the rest:


                Mac - Late 2015 27" iMac - the Retina 5K with the 3.3 GHz processor, 8 GB Ram, and 2 GB Radeon R9 card. (Stock, no customization.)

                Current OS is 10.13 (High Sierra)

                There is greater than a terabyte available on the local disc. (It's a 2TB internal drive machine, with little installed.)


                I initially saw the error on starting the desktop app. That stopped happening eventually (after I selected "try again in 1 week" in the dialogue window with the error message), but the program is still hanging on start, with a blue wheel and no photos showing in the sidebar. When I try the Migrate Lightroom Catalog command, it lets me go through the first box (what migrating is), gives me the second ("Before you Begin") box, then hangs indefinitely on "continue." 


                Attempting to import an image allows me to select an image, takes me to the review import window, then produces the error seen in the screenshot below when I click the "Add 1 Photo" button.


                Attempting to create a new album produces no error message. But it also produces no new folder, either locally or one that appears via the cloud.


                Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 8.44.42 AM.png

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                  miked76040984 Level 1

                  I should add - I tried uninstalling and reinstalling through the CC App without resolving the issue.


                  Of particular concern to me: this behavior is occurring on a machine that has full local storage of the images. While I like the cloud storage option, I'd also like to know that I have reliable local access to my own images.

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                    Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                    Thanks for the brief information. I have forwarded this information to the concerned team.

                    Once I will hear from them, I will contact you.




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                      Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                      I have got some steps for you to follow.


                      1. Quit Lightroom CC
                      2. Navigate to the catalog folder
                        1. In Mac Finder, go to Pictures.  Right click on Lightroom library.lrlibrary and choose “Show Package Contents”
                        2. In Windows Explorer, go to c:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data
                      3. You’ll see a folder with a long string of characters for the name.  Open that.
                      4. Select any file that starts with “Managed Catalog” and delete or move the files to the desktop location in one single folder. Note: if you see an error trying to remove any of these files, reboot the computer then try the delete again.  If any of these files are left behind, corruption is almost certain to reoccur. 
                      5. Start Lightroom CC. It will sync down your images from the cloud. 


                      Let us know if the above steps help you fix this issue.



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                        deebr Level 1

                        Hi Mohit, that worked perfectly and resolved my problem. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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                          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                          Your Welcome.


                          Thanks for the update.



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                            merlins75594548 Level 1

                            Hi Mohit


                            I have the same problem, and I have spent DAYS now installing Lightroom CC, importing all my photos, and syncing them to the cloud. Most are not yet online, and even if the photos were already backed up, I am absolutely not willing to remove my whole photo catalogue from my computer and downloading 110 GB again from the cloud - under no circumstance whatsoever. Please not that I have NOT migrated my old catalogue, I have re-imported the photos from scratch.


                            Besides this unexpected error, it is incredibly upsetting that no matter what I do, the link for 'Real help from real people' forces me through a process that will always result in nothing but the Forums as a contact option. I've spent thousands on Adobe software over the years and I'm losing hours of work as I write this - please provide a fix that will get my photo catalogue and Lightroom working again immediately.


                            Thank you very much & best regards,



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                              merlins75594548 Level 1

                              I'm adding the info you asked from Mike above, to hopefully speed up a solution:


                              -What platform are you using(Win/Mac):

                              13" MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierro, 10.13.1 (latest), 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5


                              -When exactly you see this error

                              When trying to launch Lightroom CC


                              -Please provide the screenshot of this error

                              Screenshot 2017-12-03 16.13.37.png


                              -How much disk space you have left(local disk)

                              37 GB


                              -In Lightroom CC, go to Preferences > Account and hold down the Alt key (Win) or Opt key (Mac)

                              1. You should see a button appear that says “Full Report”. Click that button to generate a zipped file in the Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer.
                              2. From that folder, right click on LrDiagnostics.zip and choose Creative Cloud > Share Link…

                                      If you don’t see this option, make sure the Adobe Creative Cloud app is running.

                                 3.This will open a “Send Link” web page. Click the slider to make it Public.

                                 4.Copy the blue URL and share it with us.


                              I will add this info as soon as possible.

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                                merlins75594548 Level 1

                                ..here's the diagnostics link: https://adobe.ly/2iihx62


                                Please provide a fix as soon as possible. I've tried to reach out via Twitter, but was referred back to this discussion. As I mentioned above: my photos are not yet in the cloud, because Lightroom broke before it managed to sync more than ~30% of my library. Thank you very much.

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                                  Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                  Hi merlins,


                                  Sorry, this is happening, have you tried the above solution which was provided for the same issue?




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                                    I use a Macbook Pro with OSX 10.11.6. When I try to import photos from my SanDisk memory card into Lightroom CC I get the error message: "SQLite database corrupt". Note that I have no problem with the Apple Photos software - they download just fine. I never had a problem with Lightroom 6 either - only with Lightroom CC that I just purchased!


                                    I tried to follow steps you outlined but cannot find anything called "Photos" in Finder although I do see individual photo files.


                                    How do I import photos from a memory card into Lightroom CC? This seems to be staggeringly complicated for a function that should be virtually automatic.




                                    Geoff McDade

                                    • 15. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt

                                      Has a better solution been found to this problem?  I have uploaded more than 1tb of images to the cloud and don't want to download them again.  Comcast is already charging me data overage fees for the upload.

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                                        McRant Level 1

                                        I was not given a solution when I contacted Adobe even though the techie

                                        and his supervisor spent nearly two hours trying to fix it. He told me that

                                        it was a software "bug" that Adobe engineers would fix in the next update.

                                        He refused to estimate when that might be.

                                        Later I received an email that my file was closed because the problem had

                                        been "resolved"! It hasn't been resolved and I have no idea when it will be.


                                        It seems that the software was released prematurely given that I cannot

                                        even upload photo files from memory cards - the most basic first step. I

                                        find this astonishingly inept and deplorable.


                                        Now I received another email asking me if my problem was fixed when Adobe

                                        knows perfectly well it is not fixed!


                                        I don't even have Lightroom 6 any more because Lightroom CC replaced it.

                                        This is a massive screw-up. Why was the software released when it won't

                                        even allow photo files to be downloaded?


                                        Geoff McDade

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                                          merlins75594548 Level 1

                                          Hello everyone


                                          I have indeed found a solution: after ~5 years and more than $4'000 spent on Creative Cloud, I have cancelled my Adobe subscription. Please see below for alternatives.


                                          But first, I would like to be clear that this decision isn't just due to a software bug - it is due to the consistently and famously terrible support, which is inexcusable given the investment demanded from customers. At this price point, Apple should be Adobe's reference for service. Instead, no contact option except forums is provided, where A) it takes days for a reply and B) problems aren't resolved, without any form of compensation offered. As a comparison, I've spent about the same amount on Apple products over the same time span, and have had a MacBook, two iPhones, an iPad and an Apple Watch replaced free of charge. At this point, if they aren't able to solve the problem, Adobe should be handing out free subscriptions - years at a time.


                                          With that said:


                                          - Apple's Photos app in macOS High Sierra, especially along with extensions and iOS apps from Affinity (see below), is a great replacement for Lightroom and offers the same sync functionality (if you're on Apple products, that is).

                                          - I've been testing Affinity Photo for a week, which at $70 one-off fulfills nearly all of my Photoshop needs. I understand this might be an issue for others who might need to use Photoshop in a company, for instance, but luckily not for me. Affinity also offers Photos extension that bring editing features on par to Lightroom, and their iPad app is far superior to the weirdly separated mobile solutions Adobe provides. I would encourage anyone to give it a good try.

                                          - I've switched from Premiere Pro to Final Cut (this is a whole other story - after not being able to move projects with assets, and no solution from Adobe for ages, I had switched to a Photography plan just recently anyway).


                                          In addition, the new Pixelmator Pro does not seem to be quite 'Pro' yet, at least not as a full Photoshop alternative, but for RAW editing and general selection and retouching it can easily compete with both Lightroom and Photoshop. Pending their iPad version, I will be looking at that app as well. Even if I bought all of these apps, I'd still be saving hundreds of dollars - and getting superior support from motivated developers.


                                          If Adobe ever improves their customer service - gaining an appropriate reputation for it - and perhaps brings their pricing back to earth (e.g. selling the Photography plan for 9.99 INCLUDING the 1TB cloud storage, as the advertising clearly implies, instead of doubling the price on customers at checkout), I'll look at their products again. Until then, valid alternatives have finally begun arriving.

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                                            dawnp25901610 Level 1

                                            Thank you so so much! This worked for me!

                                            • 19. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt

                                              This helped me with a similar problem that had bugged me for weeks. Thank you.

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                                                rsev Level 1

                                                My last post was premature as I am now getting SQLite dB corruption error messages. will all the posts above has this problem been solved or not. If so what is the solution?

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                                                  williams77012909 Level 1



                                                  I am having this same issue. My library will not open, yet when I delete the files suggested above, I lose all of my photos and edits that had not finished syncing to the cloud (~4,000). This is a HUGE issue and I would appreciate an immediate response.


                                                  Thank you.

                                                  • 22. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt

                                                    Strange I have the same problem and following the advise I get only a map called 'user' with two files with long strings. Open these files give: oz-user-ec2a238869c16b8772524806537daa57 and oz-user-ec2a238869c16b8772524806537daa57.wfindex. I don't know what to do ?


                                                    Anton Reurink

                                                    • 23. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt

                                                      I was having this same issue! Thank you SO MUCH for this!

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                                                        WalksInPortland Level 1

                                                        I just encountered the same issue after I migrated all of my content from a MacBook Pro to a new iMac using Apple's Migration Assistant . I performed the migration using Time Machine backups, as the Migration Assistant calls for.


                                                        I'm perplexed as to why LRCC didn't rebuild the local SQL Lite database exactly as it existed on my MacBook Pro, however, since the LRCC library.lrlibrary contents are exactly the same. Are there a device-specifc references?


                                                        Now, I'm going through the fix process Mohit described above. I have no idea, however, what the status of my SQL Lite database re-build is though ... I just see the spinning blue circle. No progress bar, no status messages, etc. As a former long-time DBA, I find this very frustrating!

                                                        • 25. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt
                                                          WalksInPortland Level 1

                                                          Update - After 12 hours of syncing, I still have no idea as to where my LRCC rebuild stands. I can see all of my albums but each still show 0 photos. I tried using the following recommended method from the LRCC forum to determine my status, to no avail.

                                                          Lightroom CC: Syncing stuck forever | Photoshop Family Customer Community


                                                          FWIW - I think Adobe could learn some lessons from other cloud providers. This isn't rocket science anymore...

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                                                            WalksInPortland Level 1

                                                            Update 2. 30 hours later, still no evidence of anything downloading; e.g., all albums still show 0 photos, Blue circle still spinning and hover-over cloud icon still shows "Performing initial download" which I think is an unacceptable response with no additional status info.


                                                            Time to contact Lightroom CC Support. Fingers crossed. I've got a huge investment in time, bandwidth and content and was just about to launch a new Portfolio site.

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                                                              Well it just fix my Lightroom cc and Adobe could not thank you.

                                                              • 28. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt
                                                                WalksInPortland Level 1

                                                                Last update. After engaging Adobe tech support (the rep was very helpful) and letting the "...initial download" proceed for many more hours, it now appears that my local LRCC instance is once again sync'd and operational. I'm not sure yet if/what Adobe did on their side to resolve the issue since I haven't received an email/call back yet to close the ticket. Now, on to wrap up my Portfolio work.

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                                                                  Jinxtown Level 1

                                                                  I'm having the same problem. I can get to the folder with the long string of characters and it has all of my photographs in its subfolders. I do not say any files that are called "managed catalog" however. And if I did, I'm not sure what "...and delete or move the files to the desktop location in one single folder. " means. Is the answer really to move the catalog file to the desktop? It doesn't logically make sense to me.


                                                                  Can you someone explain further?

                                                                  • 30. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt
                                                                    jessee2579374 Level 1

                                                                    YEP, same thing is happening to me.  how did they take a working product at make it completely worthless minus a huge headache in workarounds after hours of research is you will be extremely lucky to get past this SQlite database corrupt.  can't even upload one single photo.   worthless.

                                                                    • 31. Re: SQLite Database Corrupt

                                                                      Hi there,


                                                                      I use a Mac and have just used the solution you suggested. It did allow me to open the application again, but not all of my pictures are showing any more.


                                                                      When I close the Lightroom CC application and click "Show Package Contents" on my Lightroom Library, I can still find the files that are not showing in lightroom.


                                                                      Do you have any idea why this is happening and what I should do about this? Thank you