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    photoshop cc 2018 upgrade problem

    BillC454 Level 1

      Upgraded to Adobe Bridge, Lightroom CC, and Photoshop 2018. Everything works except Photoshop. It will no longer display an uploaded image but will show it in the layers panel. See screenshot.


      photoshp screen grab.JPG


      I have tried to reload it and get this response after 2 tries


      cc screen grab.JPG


      You see photoshop 2017 on there because I reloaded 2017 in order to have something, now it no longer works. I tried  updating my driver which is factory installed by Dell and I sent them my service tag # to be sure I would get the newest driver and this is the response I got from downloading their update


      dell update.JPG


      I downloaded these Adobe updates because I just got back from Adobe Max and all the speakers were lauding the new software and imploring everyone to update. In my opinion, you might want to wait.


      I have tried to find a solution in existing posts but not having much luck. Any ideas anyone? Adobe, you there?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Post the dell specs for you machine. Use the Dell Updater to Update your machine there may be a new BIOS for it.  CC 2018 failed to uninstall. Remove All the Adobe software you can and download Adobe cleaner and run it.  If you machine has only Intel HD Graphics get the latest driver from Intel site for the chip in your machine and install it then try to install all the creative cloud applications you use. Your Machine has two GPU you need to be carful with Photoshop. It may have problems.

          Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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            BillC454 Level 1

            According to my service tag, this is what I have on board, however, I tried to upgrade the video card and it told me my machine couldn't do it. I'm screwed aren't I. Funny, Adobe didn't mention any of this at their conference.


            machine info.JPG

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Fro what you display it should be clear to you that your machine has both Intel HD Grapgics and Nvidia Geforce graphics in you machine.  You nee to configure your machine so Photoshop See your Nvidia Geforce. Not see both GPU.

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                BillC454 Level 1

                Thank you for your reply. I ran Dell device detect and the above is what was displayed for my machine. It was factory purchased with a custom install at the factory. I followed Dells direction for updating software. Both the nvidia and intels installs failed. So, although I have had problems doing this back in the day, I went to the machines device manager through the control panel. Instead of an nvidia card, it said I had an AMD card. So I followed the update procedure through the device manager and so far PS 2018 and Bridge are working. I had a lot of images to process, so I am waiting until tonight to try Lightroom again. I have been through two complete uninstalls an re installs so I'm not anxious to do that again but tonight should tell me whether updating the graphics card was the solution.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  What you posted above shows you have Intel HD and Nvidia Geforce no AMD device is listed.  What does your Dell invoice show the hardware build contains?

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                    BillC454 Level 1

                    Thanks to everyone that has endeavored to help me with my problem. My system with upgrades is now working properly. It appears the problem was in the driver for the graphics card. Where i was getting hung up is that Dell's driver detect software was giving me incorrect information. It was telling me I had an Nvidia card when in fact I had an AMD card. I had the AMD upgrade when I purchased the machine from Dell. I finally figured it out when I went into the control panel device manager and saw the AMD listing. This was confirmened when I located my original sales order and the AMD was an upgrade over the nvidia which was the base build. Device manager had an update button there which I used, and it downloaded the update successfully. I did a complete uninstall of all the creative cloud software, did a complete clean including the creative cloud cleaner. I then reinstalled one program at a time starting with Photoshop, then  Bridge, then Lightroom testing them one at a time for functionality. All are now working properly.


                    I apologize deeply to someone in the other thread who insisted it I needed an upgrade and I vehemently disagreed. But I share some of that with Dell because of the information I was being given, and when I tried to install an upgrade, it refused.


                    So while I am not sure this will work for everyone, this was my experience.