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    Increasing Frame Rate (fps) in realtime playback

    Abando Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm regularly getting 5.5 fps on projects that are set to 24 fps.


      It makes checking various movements very tough, as many, particular 'cycle with layers' come across as either glitching or not being active.


      I'm on a new Surface Pro with nothing else running.


      Any tips for helping me increase the frames per second would be hugely appreciated.  I'm currently working with a puppet that was created in Illustrator and has quite a lot of anchor points.  I'm not sure if this makes a difference.


      Many thanks,



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          Abando Level 1

          One extra element - is there a difference in response time between Illustrator and Photoshop files?  If so, I may be better off transferring my puppets to Photoshop after they've been created.


          I just tried the Chloe puppet and all seemed to be a lot better than my one, in terms of FPS.



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            Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

            You could try rendering as images instead of vector -- select the puppet in the Project panel, then uncheck Render as Vector in the Properties panel.


            Also, what is your scene size?


            If you have any artwork (paths/groups) in the artwork that is never shown, remove them from the .ai file.

            If you have groups that can be independent (i.e., they don't have to be meshed with other artwork), click the crown icon for them in the Puppet panel.