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    In-text TOC versus Navigational TOC

    wdazzjazz Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm creating a Fixed-layout EPUB for my PhD. I will be using both TOC that appears within the document, and a Navigation TOC for the EPUB reader - in my case, this is IBooks. I've had some success in generating and styling these two TOCs, but of course, there's a couple of bugs I need to iron out.


      The first one is that the page numbers in the two TOCs don't match. These are out by a factor of 9 pages. So it appears the Navigational TOC is counting actual pages, rather than the page numbers I've inserted.


      I have two sections. The first section is numbered i,ii, iii etc and I'm NOT including this in my TOC.


      The other issue is that the Hierachy I've set up in formatting Headings, Subheadings and SubSubheadings is not always reflected in the Navigational TOC.


      HOw do I fix this please?