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    Concatenate a string in to the this getField() property.

    sillybomb Level 1

      Hi guys. Wondering if it's possible to concatenate a string in to the this getField() property.

      I'll elaborate.


      I have a script writing pro forma with two main text fields SCRIPT-1 and SCRIPT-2. (The same page is saved as a template.)

      With a button I can spawn a new page with new text fields then the fields names become P1.ScriptPage.SCRIPT-1 and P1.scriptfile.SCRIPT-2.

      Each page increments the 'P' value by one for the UID.

      What I want to do is run a simple for loop to run through all the iterations of SCRIPT-1 and 2 on each page and bring them in to a single variable for outputting in a single textbox 'all2oneText'. This all2oneText is on a third spawned page of a different template.


      This is the code I am using. Can someone help me to correct it?


      getField("all2oneText").value = this.getField("SCRIPT-1").valueAsString + "\n";
      getField("all2oneText").value += this.getField("SCRIPT-2").valueAsString + "\n";
      //gets SCRIPT-1 and SCRIPT-2 in to all2oneText
      if(numPages > 2){
      getField("all2oneText").value += "More than 2 pages \n";
      //checks that page quantity is big enough to contain some iterations of script-1 / script-2 items.
      //Also I am outputting "More than 2 pages" to show myself that the code is actually firing.
      //my simple for Loop . This is where the code doesn't work. I must have it completely wrong.
      for(i = 1; i < numPages-1; i++) {
      container = {};
      //blank variable called container.
      getField("all2oneText").value += this.getField(container["P" + i + ".ScriptPage.SCRIPT-1"]).valueAsString + "\n" + this.getField(container["P" + i + ".ScriptPage.SCRIPT-2"]).valueAsString + "\n";
      //combining P with i to create the P number + "ScriptPage.SCRIPT-1" should equate to P1.ScriptPage.SCRIPT-1 output to the field.


      I have completely gotten that wrong at the end I'm certain because I have no idea how to concatenate a string as a variable.

      I wonder if its because the " " quotation marks are not part of the concatenation