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    How to Make Custom Skins?

      I see a lot of flash videos on the Web that have very nice buttons and scrub bars. These are certainly not the skins that come with Flash 8.

      How difficult is it to make my own skins? Or can I get a selection of premade skins somewhere?

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          margotdarby Level 1
          A very popular player is Jeroen Wijering's excellent Flash Media Player. You can get it at the developer's site: http://www.jeroenwijering.com/

          Personally I like the basic skins that came with Flash 8 Professional. They are easy to modify. If you go into one of the skin .fla files with all the controls, you can redesign the interface elements and then resave it under a different name, output the .swf skin, and use the skin in your component.

          Important details:
          1) the controls console is a lot of nested movie clips. Keep clicking through till you get to the exact symbol you wish to change.
          2) make sure your .swf is in the skins folder. It will probably be output to your SkinFLA folder by default. It needs to be in the skins folder for the component parameters to find it.
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            jasonjam Level 1

            Where are the skin .fla files located? I would like to create my own.


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              jasonjam wrote:
              > margotdarby,
              > Where are the skin .fla files located? I would like to create my own.
              > Thanks,

              search adobe directories on your drive for *.fla

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                there are some really cool flash button, gradient, text, generators,

                google "flash button generator" for ex.
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                  margotdarby Level 1
                  For Flash 8 on a Mac you look in Macromedia Flash 8>Configuration>SkinFLA. On a PC you have to drill down to c:\ProgramFiles\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\Configuration\SkinFLA. The .fla files are in this folder, and right next to to it in the Skins folder, you have the .swf files that actually get loaded when you use a skin.

                  (The locations are almost the same in CS3, but everything is kept in a FLVPlayback Skins folder, with duplicates of each version for ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0.)

                  If you want to play around with customization, just open up the first file, ArcticExternalAll.fla. This has all the controls in a "box" under the video frame. Different versions of the controls are hanging on the "wall" beside it. You can remove, switch, or customize the parts, then resave the .fla under a new name, put your new skin into the Skins folder, and try it out.

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