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    Huawei Mediapad M2 10

    sandratornroth Level 1



      I want to start using Draw but I am not sure what tablet I should invest in! I know Huawei will launch a new tablet with a pressure sensitive pen. Will I be able to use it with Draw? It was not listed in the pens that were supported (it is called M-pen).


      Do you have any suggestions in a great "low-cost" (I know there is nothing like that but you know what I mean) pad and pen that works?



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Sandra.


          I believe the only stylus currently supported in Sketch for Android is the SPen, but I'm checking in about this with the product team.


          I'll post as soon as I hear back.



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            KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional



            In addition to support for devices you may use regularly, check performance of the video feedback.

            I have purchased multiple items for review, especially to see where cost effective savings might be made.  As a professional, it's important to have responsive tablet.


            While $50~$100 savings seems like a good value, consider the life of your device.  If your performance isn't good, your daily experience of your favorite apps isn't worth the money saved.  Do you gain $100 in performance or professional use during the 1+ year?



            If your hardware is responsive & dynamic, you may find even more uses for it than the one or two applications you may be considering.


            I have had iOS & Android tablets/phones. I prefer Apple tablets.

            I have/like both Apple and Windows PCs.


            TEST TEST TEST! Always go to a store to test the device with the software you want to use.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Sandra.


              Sorry for taking so long to post again; I finally heard back from the product team:


              They said they've heard good things about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 With S Pen - P580NZKAXAR | Samsung US  but as Ko mentioned,  take this information as that: A suggestion. Always the safest/best thing to do is go test the app at a store with the software you're wanting to use.


              I hope that helps.



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                sandratornroth Level 1

                Thank you all for your help! I will certainly take all of this into consiteration! I will check into the Samsung G Tab A! And yes. it is so important to get the tools that works well. What is the fun in struggling! :-D